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Management Philosophy

To be the global enterprise representing Korea, K-WELLNESs advances together with customers.


” Business value comes from
cooperation and consideration. “
The ultimate goal of business operation is the social contribution.
All issues related to business operation can be solved through cooperation and consideration and we can ultimately contribute
on our community.


” K-WELLNESS pursues wellbeing,
health and happiness. “
K-WELLNESS aims to supply good products and service for better tomorrow than today and so contribute on healthier and richer life of customers.

Vision K-W

” K-WELLNESS established the business goals and strategies by setting up
the vision K-W in order to be the global food company representing Korea. “
K-WELLNESS combines ‘K’, the alphabet representing Korea in the world,
and ‘WELLNESS’ meaning wellbeing, health and happiness and proposes the obvious vision.

Vision K-W

1. Forming the safe food culture in Korea and abroad.
2. Realizing collaborative economy between manufacturers and consumers.
3. Export of good food of Korea to the world.
4. Developing raw materials and manufacturing facilities targeting global markets.