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Health Powder

K-WELLNESS presents healthy food culture of Korea in the global markets with confidence.
Health Powder

Gujippong leaf powder

The main ingredient of Gujibbong leaf powder, Gujibbong leaf, contains iron, dietary fiber, Gaba, vitamin A, flavonoids. You can drink the powder in water, add it to your nectar or honeyed ade and salad, or add it to your yogurt to make it more delicious.
Size : 90×120(mm) / 250g
Ingredients : 100% Gujippong leaf (Korean)
Product feature
– This product is made with 100% Korean Gujippong leaves that you can trust and eat. (No Additional Supplementary Materials)
We are supplying it at a reasonable price through bulk supply.
– It is a product that has secured safety because it conducts periodic self-quality inspections.
– It is processed into fine particles about 200 mesh size for easy eating.
– It uses only 100% Korea-produced gujippong leaves.
– It is easy to store and prevents the product from deteriorating by performing a high-frequency sealing treatment.
Brand name
Manufacturing company
Green Culture