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Health Pill

K-WELLNESS presents healthy food culture of Korea in the global markets with confidence.
Health Pill

Schisandra pills

Schisandra contains lignan, citric acid, cisandrine, vitamin A, vitamin B, phenolic glycosides, and flavonoids.
Size : 65×135(mm) / 200g
Ingredients : Schisandra powder 80%(Korean), Balloon flower powder 5%(Korean), Broadleaf Liriope powder 5%(Korean), Opuntia powder 5%(Korean), Purified water 5%
Product feature
– We are supplying at a reasonable price through mass supply.
– It’s made of small pills, so you can eat it conveniently.
– We use only the main ingredients 100% Korean produced Schisandra.
– With a safe sealing package, It’s made so that there isn’t a risk of product degradation.
How to eat
1. 2-3 times a day, 20~30 pills at a time should be taken with water after meals.
2. If it is difficult to eat at once, please share it with water.
(According to individual differences, it can be adjusted within 30 grains.)
Brand name
Manufacturing company
Green Culture